We Are Awakening

awakening consciousness, spiritual awakening, consciousness, head in the clouds

We are in the beginning 
stages or the biggest
 collective awakening ever 
seen in the history of 
Brent Treznor

"There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear" (but it doesn't need to be). As science gets closer and closer to unraveling the energetic make up of the human body and all else, light particles, instant communication and adaptation from any distance, photons or light particles as communication, photographing auras and other energetic fields all around us. 

Within each of us is a light, awake, 
encoded in the fibers of our existence. 
Divine ecstasy is the totality of this 
marvelous creation experienced
in the hearts of humanity. 
Tony Samara

People are searching the world and the world wide web for worlds of weathered wisdom and information on expanding their spiritual knowledge and abilities.. Meditation is becoming more and more accepted and used in homes, schools, yoga centers and public parks...and in that it helps you to control the thoughts that otherwise control you and gives you that look inside they are always telling you to do.

Many search for Yoga, Native American wisdom and shamanism, Ancient Vedic or Hindu knowledge, psychic and third eye abilities, meditation retreats, guru retreats, healing abilities for themselves or for others and seeking other forms of knowledge and abilities long since lost to our ancestors 
or somewhat newly discovered methods such as Theta Healing or the vastly popular Japanese method of Reiki. 

To me it signals the next progression for human kind and ascension for all. 
That's evolution at it's best!

awakening quote, spiritual awakening, awakening consciousness,

Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything
Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you
so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place
Trust your sixth sense and just listen for a moment to your inner silence
Your Self is waiting to be realized and to transform you into what you think you are not
See the divine spark inside of your being and let it guide you towards your destiny
Awakening Conciousness

Thousands upon thousands of people worldwide are learning techniques and taking lessons, Reiki online or in person for example, and is a very simple method to learn.  Reiki was culminated and "discovered" by the Japanese Buddhist scholar Mikao Usui who studied ancient Tibetan, Hindu and other forms of healing and through prolonged meditation and fasting, was given the ability and the knowledge of what he had studied came into place. Reiki has never been so popular and even from any distance you may learn and be attuned to it or receive it's help to you heal from whatever ails you....  to channel the universal or qi energy (rei universal ki energy) to yourself or others. I and more and more friends from many countries answer to many requesting Reiki and give it freely through Facebook groups and you may search there to find it for free. The attunement alone to be able to channel, cleanses you and can also open you to you're natural spiritual and psychic abilities such as intuition and more.  With some of  the medical professions Reiki is a considered a complimentary therapy, as in it works alongside and not in place of medical treatments so please see your doctor as needed. It is often used to relieve side effects and symptoms and more from such treatments and can even help you to heal your emotions. 

Will you be left behind if you don't seek answers now or do this or that? I don't believe so and Lightworkers as we are called, may be nudging the domino to tip, but I see everyone being as one with everyone else and smiling ear to ear at the same moment in time when it happens,
Love and Light to All and All to Your Highest Good 
Chris Crabtree

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