Peace of Mind

 This is a perhaps more relevant post by Brian Tracy for, from his newsletter which I receive and thoroughly enjoy.

Did you know that you have incredible powers of mind and emotions that give you timely and accurate feedback in every area of your life?
I want to help you "tune in" to yourself by using what I call your "Inner Guidance System," so that you can make the right decision and live by your goals and values in every situation.
The wonderful thing is that you're constructed so that if you simply listen carefully to yourself-to your mind, your body and your emotions-and follow the guidance you're given, you can dramatically enhance the quality of your life.
I've created a video for you called "Peace of Mind," that will help you to live true to yourself, your values, and your happiness. But first, I want to explain how your mental health is very much like your physical help.
Just as the natural physical state of your body is health and vitality, your natural emotional state is peace and happiness. Whenever you experience a deviation from peace and happiness, it's an indication that something is amiss, and an indication that you aren't living true to yourself and your values. Something is wrong with what you're thinking, doing or saying. Your feeling of inner happiness is the best indicator you could ever have to tell you what you should be doing more of and what you should be doing less of.
And that is a good thing. Divine discontent always comes before a positive life change. If you were perfectly satisfied, you would never take any action to improve or change your circumstances. Only when you're dissatisfied for some reason do you have the inner motivation to engage in the outer behaviors that lead you onward and upward.
Listen to yourself. Trust your inner voice. Go with the flow of your own personality. Do the things that make you feel happy inside and you'll probably never make another mistake.
Click here to watch my video "Peace of Mind."  Please take a minute to watch this video and learn how you can attain peace of mind and greater happiness in all that you do.

By Brian Tracy

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