Dear success-minded friend,
Brian Tracy here and are you tired of the broken dreams, the heartache of defeat, the constant cycle of highs and lows, the missed opportunities?
In my many speaking engagements around the world, I often begin my presentation with a simple question, and I want you to consider that question for a moment:
I ask my audience: "Who would like to double their income?"
As you might guess, most of them smile and raise their hands. Are you raising your hand? (Probably not literally, but would you like to double your income?)
Then I ask, "Who would like to lose weight? Get out of debt? Achieve financial independence?"
The answer is YOU!
You want to make more money, spend quality time with your family, be fit and achieve financial independence.
Not only do you all want the same things, but you know what it takes to achieve them. And someday you intend to do them. Someday you'll get your finances together…
Some day you'll make more money… Some day you'll spend more time with your family… Some day you'll achieve your goals and realize your dreams…some day!
Is this sounding familiar?  
Santa Cruz del Islote, someday island
You're living on Some day Isle my friend. And what's worse is that 80% of the population is living there with you (and it's starting to get a little crowded).
This is Survivor meets Real World. If you don't vote yourself off of 'Someday Isle,' you're doomed to spend the rest of your life there—because someday never comes.
So how do you turn “Some day” into “Right Now”?
Great news: I have developed a system for just that — for putting an end to procrastination so you can begin to LIVE the life you've always imagined. .
I'm about to share that system with you — but first …
I'd like to share a very personal story, so you know where I'm coming from.
You see, I started off as a young man, thinking the world owed me a living.
I certainly didn't come from money. In fact, it was rarely even discussed at home because there was none.
As a result of my limited thinking, I slaved away at hard labor jobs in construction and factory work for years before I finally got it.

The adventure begins.

In my teens I pretty much went whichever way the wind blew. I had no direction and no clue about what I was going to do with my life. I would try whatever came along.
One day I sat down with two of my closest friends and decided we would embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
Our hastily thrown together plan was to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to England. From there we would set off across Europe. Our end destination being the dark continent… Africa.
But not just any place in Africa; oh no, we would cross the dangerous and unforgiving Sahara desert. Now this may sound crazy to you, but in our dreamy teenage minds we were determined to carry it out.
Well as you might expect, it didn't take long for our plans to unravel. What sounded like a simple fun-filled adventure soon turned in to a battle of wits as we tried our best to survive in a harsh environment we were ill equipped to deal with.
More than once, our big dream seemed like an endless nightmare of setbacks and detours.

What is the real secret to being successful?

Yet in spite of the hardships and eminent danger we faced, we learned valuable lessons. I personally learned there was much more to my success than I could ever have imagined.
Although I didn't realize it at the time; I was learning what would become the greatest success-building discovery of my life.
As I struggled each day to survive the perils of the desert, I discovered the greatest secret to success you can imagine.
The missing ingredient in my life…
Possibly the elusive success ingredient in your life too.
It wasn't just h+6+6
Having a plan. It was more than just setting goals. It wasn't stamina. It went beyond faith.
But there's one missing ingredient without which your greatest aspirations will fail every time. One magic element without which your success recipe can never materialize.
It was something I had overlooked before. But once I added it to the mix, I knew failure was not an option.
I'm talking about the magic of Self-Discipline.
Without self-discipline your success recipe will fall apart faster than my second hand tires did on the rock strewn Sahara desert roads.
This simple, yet shocking revelation changed my life forever.
And now I'm offering you the opportunity to use it to change yours, too.
From that moment on, I determined to discipline myself to succeed.
Did it work every time? Of course not. But as I quickly discovered, no one bats a thousand every time they step up to the plate.
What differentiates the winners from the losers is having…

The Discipline To Do What You Know You Must Do To Achieve Your Goals

It's not your fault you haven't yet mastered self-discipline.
Although there are thousands of programs out there designed to help people with achievement, success, self-discovery and reaching their potential, none focus exclusively on self-discipline, and the ones that touch on it don't go into the depth and detail necessary for mastering it completely.
You'll be surprised at how easy it is once you get started. And it soon becomes a “happy addiction.”
When you develop the powerful habits of self-discipline, you will accomplish more in a month than most people accomplish in a year.

Introducing, "The Miracle of Self Discipline" Package

By Brian Tracy

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