What do you want to learn today?

It's is said that the reason adults ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, is to get some ideas for themselves.
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My wannabe is not just a blogger though it's not a bad gig. My book has been started and I do some Life Coaching now as well. Continued learning is certainly training my mind to think, as Einstein put it and I received a nice compliment from Udemy though I thoroughly enjoyed the latest course I took online (this one was a free course but well worth paying for)

The email said "Congratulations! You've completed your course:
"Become a Paid Life Coach Online"
and  "Congratulations, you unlocked your certificate of completion for: Become a Paid Life Coach Online course." with the "Get Your Certificate" link, in the next email.

I will look at another course or two from teachers, educators, experts and coaches on Udemy, on Life Coaching and also Book Writing (and ebook writing of course).

The one I choose, I can take in my spare time which is another nice feature of the now huge and still growing educational website with many many courses on many many subjects relevant to today and many are well in demand. Most of the courses let you take each section of the course when you have the time and take whatever time you need to complete it all. (they do have courses on getting things done too, by the way haha)

Even if it's just to compliment your current skills, it's quite a good source to look at and many are free or low cost plus they have frequent discounts on some or all of the education courses offered.

Have a look around yourself and searching through all of the choices is easy with the search box or the list of categories... 

Good luck and enjoy,

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