We are all Self Employed but Entrepreneurs?

Jonathan Budd, unstoppable entrepreneur, mlm, coach

As Brian Tracy says, we are all self-employed ...
but with pure self-belief you are tying it all together so
here's a slightly stinging expose' on being an Entrepreneur,

Believe by a maverick young millionaire entrepreneur,
the Unstoppable Jonathan Budd

"Uncertainty is the only certainty. As an entrepreneur...
you have to TRAIN yourself day in and day out to be able to LIVE in the face of the Unknown.

You have to be OK, no matter what is happening, or what happens.
You have to TRAIN yourself to be calm, to breathe, to reflect, and most importantly...
to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF no matter what the situation is you encounter.

You have to believe that YOU are bigger than what's happening to you.
You are BIGGER then what will happen to you, or what has happened to you.

YOU, are the infinite creativity of the universe itself... and because of that...
the solution you need is ALWAYS around the corner.

It does not matter if you don't see it. You don't need to see it. It will come.

All you need to do is REMEMBER who you are, and not lose your center.
Take the time you need for true self care, don't lose your center, and the
solution you need is ALWAYS right around the corner.

Entrepreneurs can withstand the pressure of the unknown. Regular people can not.
And thus they flock back to the world of "probability"... instead of POSSIBILITY.

Entrepreneurs create anything because they live in POSSIBILITY.

Regular people get exactly what they expect because they live in probability.

Real success can not be expected. It is quantum. If you go from where you are now
to some place you've never been before... it's because you are travelling brand new ground.

There can be no expectation. Just courage to depart on the journey... and stay the course
no matter what!!!!              

It's unbelievable how true this is. In fact, if you deny this truth, I can guarantee you will not
succeed as an entrepreneur. You will not succeed in life or business. 
art. sculpture, creation,
You will forever be caught in the trap of mediocrity that plagues this world. A trap where people have forgotten to dare. They have forgotten to DREAM.

They have forgotten to BELIEVE.

They take the world around them as concrete fact. When in reality the world around them is infinite space & pure possibility.

Consult your local quantum physicist if you need a reminder that your very atoms are made of potential & space more than they are anything else.

Entrepreneurs are the human beings who LIVE inside this understanding of quantum knowledge.

They SEE possibility everywhere they look. It is possibility that DRIVES THEM. They are not driven by fear.

They are not driven by doubt. They are not driven by the need for security. They are not driven by other people's opinions of what they can or can not do.

Entrepreneurs are driven by POSSIBILITY. They are driven by their own hearts calling.

They have a dream, a belief, a vision, a calling... and it does NOT MATTER what naysayers have to say.

There are two very powerful forces in the world. Fear... and LOVE.

I like to believe the best entrepreneurs in the world are driven by LOVE.

I like to believe these are the people who don't listen to fear. But it's their desire to contribute to the world with the little time they have on this planet that DRIVES them to create success against EVERY odd.

Let it be known... the odds are NOT in your favor. You ARE the underdawg.

But the only reason the odds aren't in your favor is because the statisticians measure average people, not warriors like you & I.

The average person who attempts to succeed is RIDDLED with fear. 

They are driven by fear. They are FULL of doubts. They are uncommitted to personal growth & development.

They run from their challenges. They avoid their pains. And to them... success is just another lottery ticket that can solve their problems.

True success is a result of WHO YOU ARE. Not the conditions that surround you.
True success is not a probability.

It's a FACT based on who you are choosing to be.

How do you live your life every day?

How do you show up RIGHT NOW?

How do you treat your relationships?

How BIG do you think?

How UNSTOPPABLE ARE YOU at reaching any goal?

How creative are you at solving your problems?

How positive are you about finding solutions?

How resourceful are you when the going gets tough?

ANSWER these questions about yourself.

Success is who you are. Not the conditions around you.

One day, the world will wake up to this fact. Your golden opportunity...
is to wake up to it TODAY.

I promise you, if you change just one aspect of your 'way of being' that produces negativity in
your life... you will alter your entire course.

Catch yourself when you tumble down.

Isolate when you dis-believe.

Notice when you emotionally FREAK out.

And come back to LOVE when you indulge in fear.

All that's required for the greatest breakthrough you've ever had in your life...
is to live this way just a little more each day.

You will not believe the changes that happen in your life once you start. It's UN-REAL. :)

Just felt like sharing. Enjoy your day.

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