Healing Visualizations

Your Mind is the most powerful healing tool at your disposal. When harnessed effectively it can free the body to heal in some really miraculous ways.

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The following two healing visualizations have been taken From the Mind Body Spirit Music User Guide.  They can used while listening to a Super Mind Music Album, any piece of music that helps you move into a light trance, or while sitting in quiet…
Healing Visualization #1

Close your eyes and imagine that you are on the edge of a beautiful forest.  As you breath in the beauty you become aware of a path opening up in front of you.
Feeling no fear you begin to follow the path, noticing both the plant and the wild life.  After a time the path opens up and in front of you is a large beautiful structure that you know is a healing temple.

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You step inside and are welcomed by a beautiful being who identifies him or herself as the healer.  You describe your concerns and with a knowing smile the healer assures you that all is well and you will be helped.
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The healer either than gives you the information you need for your healing, or he brings you to a healing table where he does whatever he does to enable you to move into a space of wellness, vitality and balance.
When he is done you give your thanks, share a hug, and begin your trip back to your starting place. When you are ready you can wiggle your toes and fingers and open your eyes and smile (just because). If the healer shared any information with you that you want to remember now would be the time to write it down.
Healing Visualization #2
Close your eyes, watch your breath for a few moments, and then allow the breath to take you deep into your physical body to a space within the brain that is called the “command center”.
From the command center you can access information about all the processes taking place within the body. If you like you can visualize it as a large bank of monitors, each one tracking a different part of the physical body.
In front of this bank of monitors is the commander, the one who monitors all the functions and knows how to fine tune and adjust all the knobs and switches sitting in front of him for optimal effect.

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To date he has been taking his commands based upon the unconscious mind as well as your inner mind chatter that he is always aware of.
But now he is going to take his commands directly from you.
Very clearly describe how you want the body to perform and watch as he makes the changes necessary to make it happen.  Tell him what you want the heart rate to be, how you want the body to respond to every day stresses, and in what ways you want specific organs to respond.
Let him know that the world is safe and that it is appropriate and required that he stand down from the flight or fight mode previous conditioning has required of him and that he can now move into optimal long term maintenance and rejuvenation and repair.
And let him know how appreciative he is of all the wonderful things he has done to keep you as healthy as you are.
Promise to connect and visit often and consider sharing a hug before you leave on the next breath.
Move yourself out with the breath and allow yourself to become aware of the wholeness of your being. Wiggle your fingers and your toes and when you are ready open your eyes and brighten your smile.
Both of these healing visualizations, and any other similar ones (you can allow your imagination to run wild here) are phenomenal ways for you to connect with your other than conscious mind to not only get any information you need to aid you in your conscious healing journey, but to open up to the mind’s ability to heal the body when it is given proper instruction.

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