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Mindfulness and your morning cup

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You may know that Javita is my favorite brand of gourmet coffee and tea and I was even selling it from one of my other websites as a distributor. I felt from the first cup of "mind and energy" that I had the clear head just as if I had done a morning meditation. This however is about mindfulness and a method of being aware with your cup of coffee or tea. It came in a newsletter I get and I thought I'd share it with you. 

 Hi there,
Today I am sharing one of my own personal meditation favourites with you, called The Mindful Coffee Meditation. You might laugh at the concept of combining coffee with a relaxation technique, but before you dismiss it, take a moment to think about it...and if you are only a little curious, then keep reading.

I use this quick meditation when I am a little stressed or overwhelmed, but I don't have time to take a long break. It was developed based on the idea that everyone always has time for a cuppa. It's quick and easy, and quietly inconspicuous, which is very convenient if you're at work. If you are not a regular coffee drinker like me, then please replace the coffee with a cup of tea or even a hot chocolate because the purpose of this mindful meditation is to relax...

After you have made your warm beverage of choice simply sit down in a chair with your back straight and close your eyes. Now wrap both your hands around your mug (don't make your drink too hot or you'll burn your fingers...I speak from experience). Focus on the warmth radiating through the mug into your hands and breathe deeply. Notice how comforting it is to hold this warm mug between your hands. How this simple act of holding a warm cuppa is soothing and relaxing. Really pay attention and breathe deeply for a couple of minutes. Then take your first sip and really savour the taste. Focus your mind on the taste. Be aware of how much you enjoy this beverage. How the liquid flows over your tongue and down your throat, leaving this wonderful taste that you so appreciate in your mouth. Continue to slowly sip your drink focussing on the taste and how it makes you feel; how much you enjoy it. You can continue this meditation until your mug is empty or until your break is over. The time frame is completely up to the you. Just make sure that you do some gentle grounding exercises after you're done, like stretching your arms and back, wiggling your toes or stamping your feet on the ground. It is important to bring yourself back to the real world, to ground yourself a little before you launch yourself into whatever task lies ahead of you.

This little relaxation technique really works for me and it is because of that simple fact that I have decided to share it with you. So give it a try and decide for yourself.

I'm sure that you have heard about mindfulness before as it is a very popular subject in the meditation community. The Mindful Coffee Meditation is one of many easy mindfulness techniques you can apply in your everyday life. For example next time you eat a simple sandwich pay attention to the taste and texture, to the smell and how eating this sandwich makes you feel. It's important to be aware of the moment, and to appreciate the act of whatever it is that you are doing with all your senses. There are so many little things to enjoy in your life if you take the time to pay attention...

If you would like to learn more about meditation or mindfulness, please click here.

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