New Year 2014 Week 2

Have you made your resolutions and set goals (for past the first week in January heeheehee) I'll admit I've snubbed a few must do's after the excitement wore off and the world was back to everyday "normality" with daily distractions..

This year I'm trying a few new iPhone apps to keep the momentum going, with photos and music and quotes etc to inspire me plus using my Mind Movie on my laptop (soon to be a tablet or other method...)

Affirmations are something that works to erase old negatives in your thoughts and to remind you through everyday distractions.Visual affirmations with auditory dubbed in and the best method of affirmations flashing across the screen are obviously more effective and though you can create your own in Window Live Movie Maker for free, I find it tedious and quirky and not quite as easy and intuitive as Mind Movies with subliminals and even binaurals and more available.

A free way to learn how to create effective affirmations can be found at multi-best selling author and world renowned business coach and life coach Brian Tracy's website. It is important that you realize the true desire of your goals and word a phrase that will stick with you and inspire you to action.

I also have enlisted an accountability partner whom I have coached in the past as a life coach but has become a good friend. He promised to follow up with me regularly to check my progress and I agreed to do the same for him on his goal. This was on one goal each which makes it easier obviously but mine is a key to boosting my other goals as well. Now if we can just quit sharing the great positive photo and quote pages like above and so on, on facebook and get busy on our goals hahaha.

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