Inspiration, from the latin word "Inspiritu", meaning "Divinely Breathed Into"

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed (in a good way) by the abundance of free gifts of coaching and knowledge pertaining to the specific goal or goals I am thinking of and most passionate about, particularly online and through facebook posts such as this one. One example is on 3 January when of course I was thinking of my goals, I had an email from an online training site that I use, with an offer saying I had enrolled in a course and users who did the same course had "also enrolled in these.." Shown were 3 classes that matched my desire to learn more about completing steps in lieu of distractions and mastering thoughts in relevance to goals and specifics about Life Coaching. The website is very popular and it's called Udemy and has a lot of free courses and also paid courses and even more I found on iTunes U and other free training is at:

Well have a great year ahead and I hope some of this helps you in many ways.

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