When do you take time to read a book?

How many books are gathering dust on my bookshelf?

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Good reads and good habits go a long way but when was the last time you read a good book completely?

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 If you're like me or my college student friend here Pond, you find the time but I usually only get to scan the book and not read from start to finish. I have created habits of reading before bedtime or taking Sunday for myself in the afternoon and read in the past and perhaps will again but time does change things.

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I do take time to read book reviews and even coaching from previous books I've read but I really appreciate it when someone leaves a good review or reads a good book for me and gives me the good stuff and a good perspective of ideas from subject matter and lessons within the book.

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Any volunteers? hahahaha Well not to fret because I have found that, and it's in Philosopher's Notes from Brian Johnson, who is becoming quite the philosopher himself. All packaged in a PDF and MP3 audio and is a good rundown of the whole book in sections and quoting much of it with explanations of what to draw from it per the author and with his perspective. Also are "ideas" from Brian Johnson of how these lessons apply to real life and often reflects on other books of the author or other good reads, relevant to the book.

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With about 200 books in his "notes" so far, you can first appreciate the knowledge he has gained from so many best sellers, best authors, world renowned books and best books of quotes and coaching and so on (not to mention spiritual leaders and gurus in Bali where he took his time to read and summarize the books and do lengthy meditation, after selling his successful Silicon Valley business) Also you can appreciate a FREE Philosopher's Notes PDF and MP3 audio from your choice of books in your choice of book categories by clicking here  Philosopher's Notes   book summaries from authors such as Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, including many quotes, Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield on his Success Principles best seller, and Dale Carnegie's timeless classics

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