Let Go Now

  Does the past haunt you in ways you do or don't realize? Love lost, broken romance, broken home... It's easy to say just to realize that the love is within you, no matter what and you only need to see that, and there by causing you to just let go now, but doing and creating it as a habit can be difficult.

from www.sharmafund.com,

Try affirmations at least  times a day such as;
I love me.
My love is safe.
God is love
I am one with God

Or ask a question throughout the day such as How can I allow God to live through me? to replace the nagging negative thoughts or comments and questions. Maybe identify the problem and ask yourself "Can I let it go?" "Will I let it go?" "When is a good time to let it go?" "How about now?" a little Sedona for ya

Try smiling in the mirror for a few minutes every morning and evening, or smile every time you see yourself in a reflection. Then the inner reflection will be that of you smiling. Meditation? Any and all may take consistent effort, as in creating new habits of thought or action but be well worth the joy returning to your life with a smile.


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