When change seems like too much ...

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     Whether you are simply seeking self worth,  a worthy occupation, starting your own business, or to move deeper into spirituality or whatever your goal, you must first lose the fear to see your path clearly. Fear is an age old tool to protect us but the lessons we learn growing up and from our surroundings, culture or the evening news, can add images of fear that our brain uses, to compare a current or future thought or event to, and to judge it against that for our safety.This is fight or flight mode and that works fine for lizards but for us? Well, the brain would say yes, but consult God, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit, The Source... and see. I prefer to not over use His name and after all I believe we are all spirits in a temporary human existence. In that light Spirit is us and the answers are there for what you ask (hint, don't ask why your life sucks). Ask how to get through a block or challenge or for instruction. My favorite method is to quiet my mind, admit I do not know the answer, state that I will have the answer (with faith), and that I know I am fulfilled. Don't consciously wait for an answer, just go about your day again. You may have to put your brain on pause or it will chew on the answers and spit them out using lizard technology or it's own "fear comparison results" (um I like lizards by the way, even the 4 foot and 3 foot couple of Thai monitor lizards that live in the jungle here around the house (and sometimes the yard).


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Also one fear may be the loss of freedom, though that may be partially realistic in some cases, it is the joy of wealth and success and the feeling it gives you that you should focus on instead.

    Sometimes we forget to notice a few things, like changing old habits of procrastination or distractions such as facebook, or if more free time is a result of change, then make sure that other time wasting habits don't find a way in.

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