A Recipe For "I"

Our opportunity in life is to recognize that we have a choice in how we approach any given circumstance and which set of statements we choose to invest in. Jack Canfield, of Success Principles and the Chicken Soup For The Soul series says E + R = O which stands for the Event plus your Response to it equals your Outcome. 

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Try this for yourself. Here's a simple set of conscious language statements. Make it your test to go a full 24 hours saying only these words after you say or think the personal word "I". See what kind of shift happens. Notice how often you may be saying "I should" and make a conscious effort to stop should-ing all over yourself and others. Speak from your own heart and your own experience for a full day, a full week, a full lifetime, and reap the rewards of a consciously fulfilling life.

"I can"                 "I have"
"I am"                  "I love"
   "I will"                  "I create"
"I choose"             "I enjoy"

You now have a rich, flavorful menu of nutritious choices. Your communication and language is empowered consciously and simplified. Bring love, warmth and heartfelt joy into every word and deed. Speak less while saying more. You'll find Life now is powerfully engaged by your words, thoughts and feelings... words that can empower your life while keeping your feet on the ground where they belong.

(excerpt from Jack Canfield Success Principles and article section from Steven Shepard and Conscious Shift Magazine, photo credit from The road to ME on Facebook)

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