You Are A Leader

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    When you think of the term, Leader, what comes to mind?  Is it someone in your family, workplace, social group, a celebrity, sports star or someone famous in another way?
     Do you think of yourself?
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John Quincy Adams stated, “If your actions inspire others to do more, to learn more, to dream more or to become more, you are a leader.” 
As you consider this quote, you should agree, everyone is a leader.  You, are a leader.  Whether you consider yourself a leader or others look to you for leadership is simply a matter of how often you take advantage of your opportunities to exhibit your leadership qualities.  Being a leader means you look at your role as a spouse, partner, parent, co-worker, peer, friend, mentor, or colleague, as an obligation to influence and inspire those who are important to you.
Your job as a leader is to be conscious in all of your interactions, every relationship, each moment of contact. Take responsibility for every opportunity to:
  • Be Trustworthy ~ trust is reliance on another person or entity; make a conscious effort to build trust in all of your relationships.
  • Be Respectful ~ respect yourself first, then others.   Find ways to show others you respect them.  Make an effort to comment on others successes and note positive qualities.
  • Be Creative and Passionate ~ tap into your inner creativity and passion.  Use your creativity and passion to inspire others to bring out their creativity and to find their passion.
  • Be Humble ~ you are no better or worse than others, we are all part of this amazing life experience.
  • Be Generous and Show Appreciation ~ let others know how much they mean to you, and why they are important, be generous in your heart and your words.
  • Be Fair ~ see things from another’s view, strive to be impartial and just.
  • Be Honest ~ interact in an honest manner, and most of all be honest with yourself.  One way to do this is to admit mistakes.  Obviously, admit them to yourself, but it is equally important to admit them to others.
  • Be a Person of Integrity ~ integrity is the integration of outward actions and inner values. Base all of your actions on your values; be true to your core beliefs.
All of these leadership qualities are an integral part of your being.  Maintaining a conscious presence and focus on these characteristics in your daily interactions will not only allow others to see you as a leader, someone who inspires others, but will keep you grounded in your own morals, values, and beliefs. 
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Being a Leader doesn’t mean you need to be rich, famous, or the smartest person in the room, all you really need to be is, You
Original article from Bill Beard

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