Gratitude And Giving Thanks

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Count your blessings – not your troubles. – Dale Carnegie  

This week it is Thanksgiving in the US and with the recent hurricane in New York and other concerns I wanted to focus this blog on the meaning of living life with gratitude. The truth of the matter is that no amount of money, nicer climate or fancy job will make you happier until you are at peace within yourself and most importantly appreciate the abundance that surrounds you. Stories of New Yorker's coming together to help each other after the storm, is an example of the abundance of good people throughout the world.
Appreciate on what you have.  When you start appreciating what you have in your life the Universe has a way of giving you more. Live in gratitude, acknowledge and be grateful for what you do have.  “Offer grace for the bounty of goodness. Raise the song of harvest home, the glass of good cheer, the heart overflowing with joy. We have so much for which to be thankful.  So much about which to smile, so much to share.”

A good habit, to practice living with an attitude of gratitude, is to write a list of everything you can think of to be thankful for, in the morning as you have your coffee or tea... I re-use empty tea bag wrappers and though I am a gourmet coffee drinker, I save them after making tea during the day and unfolded, they are a nice white sheet being "recycled" by me. I call it my Gra-Tea-tude list and I don't stop writing until it is full. Another way is to start a gratitude journal and write at least 6 things to be thankful for, at the end of your day, for what happened during your day.

Dr. Wayne Dyer quote, When you have gratitude in your heart

Increase Your Capacity to Give.  Dr Wayne Dyer states: “When you have gratitude in your heart, you will find a new willingness to give to others so that they, too, might experience the joys that you feel. You will find that you will want to contribute to the needs and wants of others without any expectation of acknowledgement.”  I couldn’t have said it any better.
I thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and comment.  I wish all of my American friends a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  Be safe, eat well and enjoy the bounty of friends, food and family that surround you!

C Crabtree (original article from morning coach)

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