Feel The Love In Your Heart

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It has become apparent that most people in certain circumstances experience (perhaps unknowingly) a dissociation from their hearts.  To some extent this can be severe in that they go, out of body, or move to thought based processing without  consideration of the heart. In shamanic terms it might be called soul loss. The Heartmath Institute who are researching heart, stress,  and coherence tell us that the heart has 5000 times more electromagnetic energy than the head/brain.  If we are operating from head we are probably feeling tired, stressed, disconnected from life, and in the duality of survival mode where we feel separate from ourselves, our people and the earth.
The heart wants to connect.
It might seem incredibly simple that all we need to do is focus our awareness in the heart center (center of chest) and breathe deeply and slowly which can quite quickly bring us back into ourselves, and is also the basis of attaining coherence between the head and heart.   Furthermore by creating energetic feelings of love, joy, and appreciation and experiencing them in our hearts for just 20 minutes a day can improve the quality of our lives and heal much of the mind based chatter of negative content that permeates our day.  At the same time, this practice is actually reuniting you with your core essence, your true nature.  It is like reminding the nervous system of  an aspect of the truth of who you are.  Keep a journal and try this as a practice for 21 days (20 minutes a day) and make note of the difference.  Done in the morning it sets the scene for a better day.
The light is a very powerful thing…. darkness is illuminated by it, and even disappears…  So this energetic experience of being in the heart, feeling love and joy and appreciation energetically…. can heal us, improve our sense of well being and also highlight whatever it is that is hiding in the dark, waiting to be healed, waiting to unblock the filters and beliefs that are limiting us from expressing our true nature.
This is a good place to start, continue, or end…. wherever you are on the path.  Try practicing this throughout the day by holding awareness in your heart center,  and while listening or talking to another.  Speak and listen from the heart… this is not just a concept to talk about, this is an experience to be had that can dramatically alter your perception, attitude and sense of yourself in relation to another. I invite you to try it.
Original article by eleanorbauarschi 

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