Success is Not Final, Failure is Not Fatal...

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There are no challenges, issues, or crises that do not contain within them seeds of opportunity that could not have otherwise existed. 

Every economy since the beginning of human civilization has revolved around production and consumption. Someone who is an innovative visionary creates a product or service based on the needs or wants of a consumer. The consumer recognizes this as a solution to their need and buys or uses the product as a result.  All business is founded on this simple formula. The producer needs the consumer and the consumer needs the producer to keep the economy going. 
Do you need to have 100% dominance in your market to be the best producer and have the most power and influence over your market? No, not at all. Just look at Apple. As of this writing, 51% of households in the U.S. have an Apple product. Apple doesn’t need to have 100% of market share to be the leader.  By having the power of 51%, they control the momentum of the other 49%. This is just like when you are a stockholder in a company. It is only necessary to have 51% of the shares to have power and influence over the entire company.
Are you using this idea of 51% to grow your business and your prosperity mindset? If not, maybe you’re obsessed with perfection and locked into a 100%, all or nothing, win at all costs mindset? Perhaps you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, consciously and subconsciously consuming much more than you are producing? The idea of taking more than you are giving. For an extreme example of this mindset, look no further than our welfare system. There is no motivation to create and produce anything of value by those who simply “take” for extended periods of time. People become crippled by the imaginary handicap that long term welfare puts on their minds, imagination and future.
I think a better place to operate from is somewhere in the middle. I think the answer is for each person to look for ways they can add value and invest in something, versus simply always taking and consuming in life. When you focus on creating and producing something of value at least 51% of the time, you fuel momentum to influence the other 49% for the good. This insures that you keep a healthy economy in your business, in your mind and in your life. This is the true power of 51%. 

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