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Your Confidence and Self Esteem, Superman Returns

When it comes to understanding personal performance, the fundamental attribute that determines the capacity of a person’s ability is premised on the individual’s personal confidence. Personal confidence is the driving force behind a person’s action towards accomplishing their endeavors. Granted, there are plenty of factors that can determine a person’s outcome while pursuing their own goals, however without mental confidence, you can’t even begin to think about achieving your goals or aspirations, let alone take action. Here are three important features that make personal confidence a must:
Removes FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) – Personal confidence can remove hesitation, which is an attribute that originates from fear.
Provides Opportunity – By removing that hesitation, you then begin to open doors of opportunity. A great example would be the Jim Carey movie,Yes Man”. Although it’s a little bit extreme, it clearly conveys the message of being confident for life opportunities.
Builds Personal Posture - Once opportunities begin to come into your life, you begin to build your personal posture.  Similar to physical posture of sitting up straight and standing tall, personal posture is your stance and the value you give yourself, which displays a command of respect from those around you.
On the flip side, here are 3 potential weaknesses that can hinder your personal confidence:
Negative associations – Friends that drain your personal confidence must be avoided at all cost.  If they are not for you, then they are against you. I hate to be so dramatic, but I think you get the message loud and clear.
Excessive Media Exposure – Every day the media exposes you to a large quantity of negative news.   If left unchecked, this negative bombardment can creep into your subconscious and make you feel as if you are part of a chaotic world of which you have no control, which could not be further from the truth.
Negative Self Talk – If the voice in your head was an actual friend, how long would that friendship last? I think this speaks for itself.
You are one of a kind; there is only one of you that have ever existed in this universe. If that’s not special, I don’t know what is. Be confident in who you are, I guarantee it will open up doors to the opportunities that you have always been looking for.

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