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Dreams and Desires

Having just finished reading Think and Grow Rich (get a free copy here) again, I was offered the very low priced Think and Grow Rich Natural Hypnosis CD through the newsletter with the free mp3 downloads which I had been getting and enjoying from them. I bought this mp3 and downloaded it while writing this post, so as yet of course I have not practiced it yet but the first story of Think and Grow Rich is that of Edwin C. Barnes who had the unending desire to be Investor Thomas Edison's business partner and of course the quote summarizes the story at the end is that he had nothing to start with, except the capacity to know what he wanted, and the determination to stand by that desire until he realized it.

think and grow rich by napolean hill, who is

Dreaming big and desiring a big bright future full of love, spirituality, happiness and wealth, is natural. Unless and which is often the case, your own learned negatives keep you from dreaming about having or doing anything different at all. Bad habits and images of thought are learned early in childhood and steps must be taken to remove or rewrite them. I use and appreciate such products like the Natural Hypnosis, EFT (tapping), The Sylva Life System and more and I practice using them and meditation to better organize and point my thoughts toward my goals of much higher achievements and abundance, without interference from my past "comfort zone"

The dreams and desires you have in life are there for a reason. They are your guiding light. They want to lead you to the life you most desire. Your job is to follow them. Put your heart and reputation on the line. Nothing in life is achieved without risk. Don’t be foolhardy, but don’t wait another minute to start pursuing what you most desire. Start taking the simplest steps and see where that leads you. You will be amazed at how fast your dream builds up momentum.

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