Happy Manic Monday heeheehee hahaha

   Ok my Manic Mondays turned into Money Mondays long ago where I make sure of my assets and incomes (and that's multiple streams of income) and paying or scheduling bills. There aren't near as many bills now but a few more assets and streams of income (such as this blog, my cellphone and other business equipment and services site www.qratio.com, my Javita Gourmet Coffee  distributorship, my affiliate sales from vendors I use myself, rental property and the occasional contract or consulting job and more)

Randy Cage eloquently states; "money is infinite. With the right prosperity consciousness, your abundance and your ability to do good with it grows every year"

The 10% Factor:
I recommend to people, parents and youth to set aside 10% of anything they are paid, before any bills, debts or commitments or before anything is bought or paid for. Set it aside in a safe interest bearing account and consider it always a "no touch" account (just check your balance on Money Mondays and watch it compound over the years)

"Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't,... pays it" Albert Einstein

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