Mistry is Innovation

While watching other inspiring videos on ted.comI came across amazing innovation by Pranav Mistry and his SixthSense System and this should show us all that we can create amazing things in a split second of thought that could change the world or at least the world of many. Another point I was following was about letting the creativity or spark of genius occur by just allowing it while living or doing your passion or just your routine. Deny ego from shutting you down, be it your's or your peer's or merely your fears. Though the Romans may have had the habit of discounting the individual and attributing any genius to God, perhaps there is a grander plan for your spark to ignite the world or perhaps a cog in the wheel of life to make it smoother and sweeter for those to come.... just doing your part. Notice Pranav's answer to his plans of using this system as in for profit, and he responded that he wanted to keep it low cost and open source for everyone to use and to build on... 

Chris Crabtree

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