Question Everything Especially Your Questions ??

If you are looking for a simple way to improve your life and enhance your conscious evolution – change the questions you ask yourself. It's really that simple.
Your questions dictate how you live you life, why you do certain things, and even how you feel about people.  When you find yourself stuck, depressed or frustrated, it is often because of the questions you ask.  If you want better health, increased focus, more abundance, happiness – whatever it is you want - your self-talk questions either guide you to them or away from your personal goals.
Starting today, change your questions and see if, at the end of the week, it has made a profound impact on your life and your personal evolution.    If your questions are typically ‘why’ questions, start asking ‘what’ questions.  Rather than “Why is this happening to me?” ask “What can I do to have results?”  If you typically ask ‘what’ questions, start asking ‘how’ questions. Or mix it up and ask different questions throughout the day. Also, make each question  a conscious solution-oriented question.
You can be more positive, productive and prosperous by using this simple question changing technique.   Changing your questions forces you to be more aware and hear your self-talk.  At the very least, it enhances your daily life perspective. 
Simple technique, but not always easy….
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