You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Rohn

One of the most important requisites to creating your financial goals/plan is receiving a financial education. I remember taking algebra in high school, something that I have almost never used since then. However, I was never offered a class on wealth or success. In college, some may have taken economics, finance, or accounting, but most of us learn about money from our family and friends. Unfortunately, our family and friends are often living paycheck to paycheck or have not reached their own financial goals. Who, then, should you go to for financial advice or a financial education?
There are three types of people that you can choose to learn from:
1. Those who have never been wealthy/successful
2. Those who have tried to become wealthy/successful but have failed
3. Those who have tried to become wealthy/successful and have succeeded
If you are looking for an education in money, wealth or success, the best way to learn about achieving those things is from people who are more wealthy or successful than you. Who are you taking advice from? How many people do you know personally who have achieved the level of success or wealth that you hope to achieve? If the answer is “none”, then here are some ideas:
Subscribe to Morning Coach. JB talks about the topic of abundance and money every Friday. The other days of the week hold excellent information on money and success as well!
Get some audio books. This is an excellent way to begin learning about success, wealth creation, investing, or whatever else you might want to learn more about! Download books onto your MP3 to listen to anywhere, anytime. Your local library has some great books on CD to get you started!
Attend some seminars. There are so many ways to create wealth and success. Once you figure out which ones interest you, go online and search for seminars on your topic of choice. Make sure you check to see if the presenter is truly an expert and someone that you find to be a credible source of information!
Mentors. Find someone who would be an excellent source of information and invite them to lunch. Most people love to share their story and will make time to lend a helping hand.
Coaching. A financial or success coach is an excellent investment in your future and will give you a much more personalized plan. Find someone you resonate with and stick with the program!
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