Ahhh, an opportunity to start fresh and begin a new year full of potential. The New Year’s resolutions are set, and the motivation to pursue each and every one of them is high. Yet, more often than not, they do not get accomplished.  I believe people start out with great intentions on pursuing their resolutions to improve a certain area in their life, which is very commendable.  However, through time, these resolutions begin to erode and turn into a memory of what should have been.
The reason people often fail at attaining their New Year’s resolutions is not because they lack discipline but because they lack, what I like to call, the “Why Factor”.  The Why Factor is not just a basic superficial explanation of why you chose that particular resolution; it is a deep esoteric meaning that is rooted within the very essence of who you are.
A common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, and it seems that the most common drive behind this resolution is just to look good.  The problem with this approach is that it’s superficial.  Goal’s fueled by shallow perceptions are often not attained because there is a lack of a deeper intention.  For this very reason, my fitness and martial arts mentor, Mike Lee Kanarek, has always professed to me to never workout for the mirror but, instead, workout with the purpose of taking care of and honoring my body for the benefits of my health and well being, adding to that the results in the mirror will automatically follow.  In other words, your “Why Factor” needs to be deeper than a superficial attainment; it needs to be authentic and resonate with your values and deeper self.
I believe that before we take our first step towards our goals, we must first take a personal inventory of our motives and assure ourselves that they are driven by a deeper reasoning. Making sure that we are pursuing our resolutions with a strong basis instead of a causal, simplistic approach will, in turn, provide us with the fuel to automatically develop the discipline needed in order to fully attain our New Year’s resolutions.
I hope that this post serves you well. I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.
Luis Rosario

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