Thanksgiving Day Post on What Else But Giving Thanks

   Happy Thanksgiving Day To All

   As stated in my last post, thankfulness and gratitude couldn't be more important, unless it is expressing your thankfulness and gratitude. In Jack Canfield's book The Success Principles  he notes that when acknowledging someone there are 3 different kinds of appreciation,  auditory, visual and kinesthetic (touch). These are the 3 different ways the brain takes in information and everybody has a dominant type they prefer. Therefore someone may not respond to your gesture of appreciation if it doesn't fit their way "of accepting it". So look them in the eye and say it with meaning and if your comment or compliment still does not get a proper response then take their hand or pat them on the shoulder if appropriate and tell them you really meant it (looking them in the eye).
   When with family you hopefully know already how to get across to your siblings (and that's not a right cross) and extended family, when expressing your thanks. Another tip Jack Canfield mentioned is making a list of the people you expressed your gratitude to in a day and hold yourself to a specific amount of people. This will keep you thinking of acknowledging people throughout the day.
   I prefer to use a list if the things and people I am grateful for and write it every night before bed and read it as I wake in the morning. This keeps me in an Attitude of Gratitude and is truely enlightening and keeps me smiling :) Writing your own successes of the day, at the end of the day can also help you to appreciate yourself more as well.

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